Taking Stock

Since my last post, I’ve been racking my brain to find something I could do a post on. I did not have to be anything spectacular , but I wanted to post something that at least I would be interested in reading again one day. This is probably one of the main reasons that my attempts to keep a journal always fail. I never think anything in my life interesting enough to actually sit down and write about it.

Last weekend, my dad was out of town, so my mom and I hit up a Ninja, a sushi place about 25 minutes away. I got the miso soup and a shrimp and avocado roll.I helped my mom a bit with her beef stir fry too. (Anybody else out there love those little baby corn things?)  Last time I went there, I ended up leaving way to full so I kept my meal on the lighter side this time. This time I left hungry. Whoops.

Other than the mother/daughter dinner date, Saturday was spent running errands and cleaning. I can’t even remember the details of the day.

Sunday was spent almost entirely at church. While this isn’t a bad thing, it did make for a very long day, and Monday morning came all too quickly.

To end this post, I’m going to steal a “taking stock” idea I saw Hannah do on her the blog, The Art in Life. If you have time, she write a beautiful blog, and it would be worth a few moments to check it out.

Making: Coffee. Extra caffeine please.

Cooking: Crock pot beef and broccoli for dinner tonight. So good.

Drinking: See above. Also, lots and lots of water. My stomach has been acting weird lately.

Reading: the Harry Potter series, about 10 years late…

Wanting: Warmth. I don’t last very long in winter.

Looking: for a new car. Mine is about to bite the dust.

Playing: Easy listening. Best work background music. Ever.

Wasting: Time.

Sewing: I go through spurts. I’m not in one right now.

Wishing: To see my best friend…

Enjoying: The quiet of the morning.

Waiting: For my paycheck my company forgot to make me to arrive in the mail. (Seriously, who does that?!)

The Beauty of Early Morning


When I was younger, school mornings started at 6:30. My mom would come into my room, and at first she would gently try to wake me up. If that didn’t work (which it usually didn’t), she would resort to other not-so-gentle tactics. Her favorite tools to get me out of bed when I just wouldn’t budge were the light switch and a spray bottle. She turned on the light, pulled down the nice warm covers, and proceeded to spray me over and over again with cold water. It was brutal, but it usually worked.

I lived for the weekends, because that meant I could sleep into until 9..or 10..or 11… Summer? Don’t even get me started.

Fast forward about 10-15 years, and I no longer struggle to get up in the morning. Somewhere between those brutal wake up calls and now I became a morning person. Don’t get me wrong, I would give my right arm to sleep in sometimes, but most mornings, I love that I’m an early riser. Depending on when I go to bed, this is usually between 5-6 a.m.

For a while I used to hate that I always woke up so early, especially when everyone else was always still sleeping. But over time I have begun to love the time to myself in the morning.

There’s something special about being the first one awake. It’s almost like being given a present, because you get to greet the new day before anyone else, and for me, it helps me mentally prepare for the day. I never feel rushed and have time to exercise (although limited right now), start preparing dinner, play the piano, or read. When my legs heal and the weather gets nicer, I hope to be able to go walk my dog. It’s amazing the connections you can make with perfect strangers on early morning walks. There seems to be this common understanding that they feel the same thing you do. Thankfulness for the ability to be outside and enjoy the day before anyone else with no commitments or expectations.

The quiet time alone also gives me time to spend with my Creator. There’s nothing quite like doing your devotions and spending a few moments with God while watching the sunrise. It’s almost like God is sitting there making that sunrise just for you. A small symbol that every day is new and that no request or prayer is impossible. At that point, the day is fresh. No one is bothering you or urging you into the work day or endless to-do lists. The only word I can think to describe it is peace.

So while I may miss sleeping in sometimes and occasionally enjoy late evenings, I still would never give up my early mornings for just about anything.

My morning coffee helps too…